CSWorld IRC Services

If you would like to register your copy of services, please contact me, tonberry@chronocrossgnet.cjb.net You will get technical support and updates. If you are using this services, Please email me what your network name and address it is. Please do not Rip this service and give credits to yourself.

CSWorld consists of Chanserv, Nickserv and Memoserv. Works with Undernet's ircu2.10.10 - ircu2.10.10.pl18

Credits go to:

Allfro - taught me my first perl script.

3 perl books, forgot the titles.

p10.html   - from the Undernet IRCD Documents

GeNeXiS  - Answered some of my questions. Let me learn from his flat database.

SourceForge - For hosting this site

Y2KBoy       - Thanks for your support

To contact me email nicolas@chronocrossgnet.cjb.net

Here is a screenshot.... :

Networks Using this service: